Surely, one of the most attractive mysteries of Alella's wines is its own existence, in the middle of Maresme, product of some small vineyards, sometimes hidden from the curious look of visitors, who are still fighting for their survival in an admirable and unequal battle against the expansion of the large urban area.

It has not always been this way, sincethe wines of Alella have a long history and important significance in Catalan wine culture.Known and loved at Roman times, Plinius and Martial cite them as Laietan.Alella wines were, in the middle Ages, the favorites in Barcelona headquarters, to later become one of the quality wines exported from Catalonia throughout the world, with particular emphasis on overseas colonies where there was a large population of Catalans.

The Denomination of OriginAlella, one of the smallest and also the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula, has been modernized, has incorporated new techniques and new systems of cultivation and processing, but maintaining the criterion that only in the Quality and a strong personality, the wines of this wine region can find its true universal dimension.

Located in the north of Barcelona and occupying an area of ​​230 hectares, it consists of two counties,Maresmeon the seafront and, on the other side ofSerralada del Litoral,Vallés Oriental, each one with its own personality and with the cultivation of the vineyard as a nexus of union, that goes back, in both cases, to the Roman age. Between tradition and urbanity, in Alella, the vineyards are rocked by the sea breeze, while scrubbing the soil and penetrating its roots into soils that allow good drainage and retain sunlight. A fully Mediterranean climate on the seaside coexists with a more continental microclimate on the inner side.Serralada del Litoralbreaks the winds and condenses the moisture of the sea.

This small area has traditionally provided the Barcelona market with wine, and for centuries it has presided over the tables of the wealthy people of Barcelona. White wines are the most characteristic of Alella, dried or sweet, made mainly withPansa Blanca. They are light, scented and crystalline. Roses are fresh, aromatic and light. They are made withGarnatxa, also withPansa Rosadaand Merlot. The red wines are fruity and soft, and they are made mainly withGarnatxa Negra.

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